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43-Year-Old Mystery Solved After Remains Of Veteran Found In Lake (Video)

The recently discovered remains of a mud-filled car may bring an end to the 43-year-old mystery of a military retiree who disappeared.

For over 43 years, the Shook family had no idea what had happened to Amos Shook, a retired Air Force member who disappeared in 1972, WSOC-TV reported. 

Now, it appears the North Carolina family might have some answers.

Shook’s daughter reached out to the Caldwell County, North Carolina, investigators last month and asked them to take a second look at her father’s case. Investigators agreed to look again, and this time discovered something almost unbelievable.

Investigators used sonar technology in Lake Rhodhiss and discovered Shook’s 1968 Pontiac Catalina about 30 feet underwater. It’s believed that the remains inside the vehicle belong to Shook.

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The car was pulled out of the water on Tuesday.

It’s also believed that the incident was not suicide and investigators don’t suspect foul play.

“It put some closure on something they’ve been looking forward to for a long time,” Caldwell County Sheriff Alan Jones said.

Jones noted that finding someone who’s still alive and who can answer the remaining questions, like how Shook’s car got into the lake in the first place, will be difficult.

The remains are currently being assessed at a medical examiner’s office for an autopsy. The case will be considered closed pending the results, Jones reported. 

Sources: WSOC-TV, Fox News

Photo Credit: WSOC-TV


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