40K Bees Found Inside New York City Home (Video)

After calling in a local bee expert to diagnose the cause of a loud buzzing sound, a resident of Queens, New York, was shocked to discover 40,000 bees under the bedroom floor in her home (video below).

Retired New York Police Department Detective Anthony Planakis, also known as Tony Bees, was called to the home to investigate the noise, reports NY Daily News. After using an infrared camera mounted to a pole, he found a massive group of 40,000 bees underneath the second-floor bedroom overhang.

Once the siding and plywood were removed, workers took down the giant honeycomb. The bees, led by their queen, are being relocated to a farm in upstate New York, reports CBS News.

Sources: NY Daily News, CBS News

Photo Source: Screen Capture via NY Daily News


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