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$400,000 Lamborghini Gets Completely Ripped in Half by Sedan (Video)

The owner of a $400,000 Lamborghini that got ripped in half by a sedan in Brooklyn may want to stay off the roads for a while.

Security video shows the white sports car driving down the street when the approaching sedan, driving on the other side of the road, attempts to make a left. Clearly not judging how close or how fast the Lamborghini Aventador was going, the driver of the sedan attempted to make a left, but wound up clipping the back of the sports car. The impact wound up tearing the car completely in half before launching the front half into a fence.

Witnesses say that the Lamborghini was “approaching at a high rate of speed,” but it’s clear from the video that the driver of the sedan misjudged the opportunity to make the left turn.

Other witnesses said that the driver of the Lamborghini was walking around “as if nothing happened,” but the condition of the other driver involved is not known.

Lamborghini’s are apparently designed to do exactly what it did in this crash. An impact is supposed to leave the occupants inside the maintained structure of the safety cell, thus explaining why the car ripped in half and the front end was completely fine.

Watch the video of the crash, from two different angles, below.


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