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40,000 New Laws Go Into Effect in 2014

Fewer than 60 laws made it through Congress in 2013, making last year the least productive in modern congressional history.

The House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare 40 times even though the repeal had no chance of passing the Senate or being signed by President Obama.

However, states and local governments were actually passing real laws, 40,000 of which went into effect yesterday (video below).

According to CNN, teens can no longer use a tanning bed in Illinois without getting a note from their doctor.

Shark fins have been banned as food in Delaware.

Transgender students in California will now be allowed to use school bathrooms and play on school teams based on their self-identified gender identity, not biological identity.

USA Today reports that Arkansas voters must now show a photo ID to vote (which may be overturned in court) and voters in Virginia can register to vote online.

In Colorado, 16 year olds can pre-register to vote, but won't be allowed to cast a vote until they turn 18. When folks turn 21 in the state, they can buy up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational use.

New moms can now take their placentas home in Oregon.

Also in Illinois, tossing a cigarette butt on the sidewalk or street is now a $50 fine and handheld cell phones have been banned while driving. Sex ed in the state must include lessons on abstinence and birth control.

The minimum wage will increase to $8.70 an hour in Connecticut, $8.25 in New Jersey, and $8 in both New York and Rhode Island, giving the working poor a few more pennies to survive on.

Sources: USA Today and CNN


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