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Dashboard Camera Captures Road Rage Incident, Leads To Arrest (Video)

Sherri Norman was driving on Randleman Road, in Randleman, North Carolina, on Saturday morning when the driver ahead of her started to drive erratically and illegally. Norman quickly attached a camera to her dashboard mount to film the incident.

Norman said, “I knew what was going to happen. I wanted it on tape.” She can be heard telling a passenger in the car that everything will be alright.

The video shows Norman driving behind a tan SUV, which periodically stops in the middle of the road for no reason and swerves erratically. Norman can be heard saying, “This person in front of me is being a real character right now.”

After a while, the SUV pulls to a stop and a woman climbs out, yelling profanities while she approaches Norman’s car. The passenger starts crying while Norman closes her window to protect herself from the other driver.

Norman described the incident, saying: “Twice the lady tried to pass me on a two-lane road with double lines on a hill. She about ran me off road first time. She got behind me a second time and then went to go around again. I let her have the road, called 911, reported her and her plate number… I started phone video which was in a holder on dashboard — hands free.”

Norman reported the other driver, who was identified by the license plate number. Kristin Leigh Phillips, 40, was arrested and charged with reckless driving to endanger, assault and battery, injury to personal property, driving left of center and two counts of communicating threats.

Sources: My Fox 8Fox 13 Now / Photo Source: My Fox 8


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