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4-Year-Old North Carolina Girl Shoots Herself

A Charlotte, N.C., girl is recovering in the hospital today after shooting herself with a gun she found in her mother’s bedroom. She is only 4 years old.

According to WCNC, the incident occurred Monday night in a First Ward Apartment Complex.

The girl’s mother, Marsharier Littlejohn, has been charged with failure to store a firearm to protect minors. Her boyfriend, Leandre Budden, has been hit with the same charge. It is not known how the young girl got access to the weapon or why the adults in the house were careless enough to leave it an area where she could find it.

“Definitely could have been a lot worse. I'm happy that she's okay,” said neighbor Sheika Ross.

With all of the recent media attention and political rhetoric centered on the issue of gun control, it is somewhat incomprehensible that anyone could leave a gun in a position where a young child could get her hands on it. Someone with a vested interest in the sale of guns agrees.

“Securing a firearm is so easy that there just no reason someone should have an accident,” said gun store owner Larry Hyatt.

"If you've got children in the house, you've got to secure that gun. A lot of people want that gun ready in case you have a home invasion, but the child has to come first. You've got to make sure that gun is secure," he added.

The injured girl’s neighbor has children, and that’s one of the reasons she has made the decision not to keep any firearms in her home.

“I don't want anybody to get hurt, especially a 4-year-old child. That's just another reason why, for me personally, I'm not for having guns in the house,” Ross said.

Source: (WCNC)


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