4-Year-Old Boy Saves Dad’s Life After Huge Tree Branch Rolls On Top Of Him

A 4-year-old Michigan boy is being called a hero for rescuing his father who was pinned under a large tree branch.

Quillan Groenwald saved his dad’s life after a massive tree branch rolled on top of him while cutting wood in Bear Lake.

“It hit me in the shoulder and hip and my elbow, it just kinda knocked me off balance. I was trying to get away from it but I just couldn’t get away fast enough,” his dad, Grant Groenwald, told WPBN.

Quillan was standing on a hill, away from the tree when his dad called out to him for help.

“I said I need your help. Daddy's pinned,” said Groenwald. “He said I can't dad I can't help you. I said you've got to. You're the only person I've got. You’re my only savior.”

Quillan dragged a large chainsaw -- one that was so big that you'd never expect him to be able to carry it -- over to his dad, who used it to cut the tree branch while he was still pinned underneath.

Quillan then helped him get back to the truck. When they arrived at home, the 4-year-old ran to get his mom, Karen, who is a paramedic.

Grant will have to wear a cast for at least six weeks after suffering a fractured left ankle and damaged soft tissue in his foot.

“I don’t know what would’ve happened if he would’ve been knocked unconscious, if the four-year-old would have known to come home. I don’t even want to think about that. It’s a scary thought,” said Karen.

Groenwald says he is not going out to the woods by himself again.

“[Quillan]'s going to go with me all the time now, I think. He's got to keep an eye on daddy,” said Groenwald. “He was big. He was my savior. He's my hero.”

When 9&10 News asked Quillan what is the meaning of being a superhero, he responded, "Means you got to help everyone in the whole world when they are in trouble."

(Video courtesy of UpNorthLive)


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