4-Year-Old Kids Pole Dancing at School, Parents Outraged

Parents were shocked this weekend to find their kids taking part in pole dancing at the Crockenhill Primary School in Kent, England.

Some of the kids were performing pole dancing to Disney songs were as young as four years old.

Pole dancing is often associated with strippers, but also takes place at Circus de Soleil performances and workout clubs.

The pole dancing performers included the class owner, one teacher, and the kids.

"A lot of people were upset about it," an unidentified father told the Daily Mail. "They were performing a routine to music in inappropriate clothing and they had children doing it and I just thought, 'This is so wrong.'

"One of the ladies that was performing it was wearing a crop top with one of the shoulder sleeves missing, it was quite revealing," the dad added. “The shorts they had on showed more than they should and a lot of people were leaving as a result of it.

“I don’t think it would have been as bad if they had been more appropriately dressed. If it was a leotard, fair enough, but for what they were wearing, and having their faces all made up, it just wasn’t right. I felt like I was entering something quite unsavory.”

The school and the Revolutions Pole Academy put on the performance to encourage physical fitness.

“We had the dance company come along and they were involved in aerial skills and it’s run by someone in our community,” Sarah Warshow, Crockenhill’s principal, told the Daily Mail. “There was one performance by the teacher and some of the children. It’s great for the children to keep fit and it’s fun as well. We felt it was good to support it, there’s nothing sleazy about it.”

Revolutions owner Cat Ledbetter, who performed a pole dance at the event, added, “The children involved all had a fantastic time and have benefited greatly from their lessons. It’s fun and it’s keeping them fit. To separate it and tell them they can’t do it would be putting a stigma on it. I’m very sad for the school and it’s quite upsetting for the children to hear these comments.”

According to EagNews.com, one of the people most upset was LaToya Jackson, who once posed nude for Playboy.

“This is so disturbing to hear. What are we teaching our girls? Look at society. What are we doing here?” Jackson said on the HLN TV show "Dr. Drew on Call."

“It so disturbing," Jackson added. "The message that you are giving them that it’s okay to do that, to grow up and do this. I’m just, I’m just so upset about this.”

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