4-Year-Old Hero Dials 911 When His Mother Passed Out (Video)

A 4-year-old Georgia boy calmly called 911 when his mother lost consciousness on Tuesday.

Jaden Howe called Lee County emergency dispatchers when his mother passed out after giving him a bath.

"My mommy is passed out and she can't talk. She's on the floor,” Howe told the dispatcher.

"I had given him a bath, put some clothes on him and then as I was walking out from his room in the hallway, I was about to call my husband and I fell," his mother Juana Snell told WALB.

The dispatch asked for his address and when he said he could not remember what it was, they sent him next door to ask. Howe left and came back with the information. At that point Snell was starting to regain consciousness.

"I said it's going to be fine," said Jaden.

"He did say that. He said 'It's going to be just fine Mommy,'" said Snell.

Minutes later, the paramedics arrived.

"We've practiced ... We went over the numbers and how to press the green button. Thank god he remembered," his mother said.

She was diagnosed with a severe sinus infection and was treated at home before being taken to the hospital on Thursday.

"The funniest thing is that he was just so calm. Because when I woke up when the paramedics came in he was like a little grown man," she said.

Sources: New York Daily News, WALB


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