4 Year Old Fatally Shoots 6 Year Old with Handgun (Video)


A 6-year-old girl was shot and killed by her 4-year-old brother with a .38 caliber handgun in Hopkinsville, Kentucky yesterday.

According to WSMV-TV, the boy and girl were at their grandparents' home when the fatal shooting occurred on Sunday evening (video below).

The unidentified grandfather said he thought the gun was unloaded when he stepped away from it.

“He was going to clean the gun, set the gun down, left the area for just a second and heard the shot,” Hopkinsville Police Chief Guy Howie told WTVF-TV.

The unidentified girl was shot in the mouth and the bullet to lodged in her spine. She was rushed to Jennie Stuart Medical Center, and then transferred to Vanderbilt Children’s hospital, but was taken off life support later that evening and died.

No word if charges with be filed against the grandfather.

Sources: WSMV-TV and WTVF-TV


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