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'He Had No Expression On His Face': Father Arrested After 4-Year-Old Son Dies After Being In The Washing Machine

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Joseph Blocker of Garland, Texas, was arrested and charged with capital murder after his 4-year-old son was found dead from injuries sustained while inside a washing machine.

According to the Daily Mail, Blocker, 28, called 911 around 3:30 pm on Tuesday, saying that his son was unconscious. When police arrived, the boy was already dead. A medical examiner determined that his injuries were “consistent with being inside a washing machine.”

“What we feel is that at some point the child was inside the washing machine at home,” said Garland police officer Joe Harn. “According to investigators, it is a front-loaded type. For the child to be in the machine the door had to be shut and it had to be started from the outside. It does not start by automatically shutting the door.”

Harn said that Blocker, his son and his 22-month-old daughter were the only ones home at the time of the incident. The children’s mother, who reportedly did not live with Blocker, was out of town.

Blocker was arrested at his home, and neighbors who witnessed the arrest said that his hands were covered in blood. One neighbor described his demeanor while he was being taken into custody.

“He had no expression on his face,” Yesenia Varela said. “I don’t know what to tell you. He had no expression.”

Blocker, who had been convicted on a DWI charge last year and previously was arrested for marijuana possession in 2005, is currently facing a capital murder charge and being held at the Garland Detention Center on $500,000 bond.

Source: The Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Garland Police Department, Facebook


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