4-Year-Old Boy Gage Thornhill Still Cannot Walk Two Weeks After Brutal Dog Attack


Two weeks after 4-year-old Gage Thornhill was viciously mauled by a neighbor’s dog, the Hollis, Okla., boy is still hospitalized at the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City and is unable to walk.

On Oct. 19, Gage was riding his bike on the street where he lives when a dog identified as an American Bulldog broke through a neighbor’s fence and violently attacked him, KSWO reports.

Hollis police responded to the boy’s home at 204 North Dixie and found Gage covered with bites and scratches and dirt covering his wounds from where the dog had dragged him helplessly to the ground.

Officers reported that they arrived to find “a small bicycle and two tennis shoes in a pile of dirt. Nearby, two men held the child in a jacket.”

Police also reported finding the dog tied up with blood on its face, chest and front paws.

Now, 12 days later, Gage is still trying to recover from the cuts and gashes to his head, legs and neck, but he also has far greater injuries that need to heal. He sustained serious internal injuries during the brutal attack.

Five surgeries later, the little boy is still unable to walk, so he just lies on his back. The family says 4-year-old Gage “is not himself.”

Hollis police say the child’s parents were inside the family’s home when the attack occurred. One of their biggest concerns now is what will happen with the dog and whether it will remain in the community.

Police said the Bulldog was not aggressive with them and did not appear vicious once they were on the scene. The owners of the dog were cited for (1) allowing an animal to run at large and (2) failure to vaccinate the dog for rabies.

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, after the dog has been quarantined for 10 days with a veterinarian, the City of Hollis will require the owner to register the dog as a vicious animal. The dog must always be on a leash with a muzzle when outside, it must be confined to the indoors or a secure pin or kennel, a sign must be placed on the outside of the home, and the owner must have public liability insurance.

Source: KSWO


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