4-Year-Old Boy Almost Kidnapped, But Saved Thanks To Good Samaritan (Video)


A 4-year-old boy was almost kidnapped by a man while walking home from school one day, but thanks to his smart 6-year-old brother and a Good Samaritan, the youngster’s life was saved.

Grady and his brother Brendan were walking home from school with their nanny when a man approached them saying he was in the CIA. Suddenly, the man punched the nanny in the face, grabbed Grady, and started to run off with him. Brendan ran home to tell his father that Grady had been taken.

“He ran home and said, ‘Someone stole Grady,’” said the boys’ father Tom O’Brien. “All those thoughts were going through my head that I didn’t want to think about, like never seeing my son again.”

While Tom was rushing to save his son, a man who was dining at a restaurant close by heard Brendan screaming, so he went after the man who had Grady. The Good Samaritan, Jose Delgado, caught up with the kidnapper and got Grady out of his arms.

Now, 33-year-old Andron Gazarov has been arrested and charged with kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, and indecent exposure.

Tom O’Brien was able to meet Jose Delgado to thank him in person for saving his son’s life, and the father even gave a check to Delgado to go towards the hero’s own 4-year-old sick daughter’s medical expenses.


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