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Teens Arrested After Groups Assault Students

Four teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 were arrested by police in Philadelphia Oct. 21 after a series of assaults on the campus of Temple University.

Several students and a police officer were attacked by between 20 and 100 teens over a period of approximately 90 minutes, according to WCAU.

One woman reported that she was walking with her boyfriend around 8 p.m. when they were attacked by a group. He managed to run away but she was pushed to the ground.

“I somehow got to the other side of Oxford Street by the time they got me to the ground. I remember shoes coming for my face and after that I heard other kids from the group saying ‘Yo chill, yo chill, it’s just a girl’ and they pulled my attackers off me,” the woman told the Tab.

She said that paramedics checked her for concussion before giving her the all clear.

“I don’t have any photos from right after the attack but now I have two black eyes and bruises on every inch of my head. I can’t open my jaw up too wide without it killing me and my left wrist and hand were swollen all of yesterday and I still can’t move it right. My right hand has deep scrapes from hitting the ground too,” she added.

University spokesman Ray Betzner said the teens played a “cat and mouse game” with the police.

One teenager allegedly assaulted a police officer when the cop tried to detain him for throwing rocks at cars.

Separately, a 16-year-old approached a mounted officer and punched the horse in the face.

In another incident, a group of about 20 teens attacked three people.

Christina Lauletta was identified as one of the three victims by her father, Joe Lauletta, who posted a message on Facebook that has since been shared thousands of times.

He said Christina was pushed to the ground and stomped on. She suffered bruising all over her body and was hospitalized.

“These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly,” Joe wrote, according to

The Tab reported that similar groups of teens were seen around the campus a week earlier.

Temple University security alleged the teenagers coordinated a meet-up via Instagram.

Students criticized the university for only issuing a warning two hours after the assaults began, reported. Executive director of public safety Charles Leone responded by promising to streamline the university’s procedure for sending out such alerts.

Sources: WCAU, The Tab, photo credit: Daily Mail

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