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Three People Stabbed During Brawl At KKK Rally

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Three people were stabbed at a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) rally in Anaheim, California, during a brawl that ended in the arrest of 13 people.

A small group of individuals representing the KKK staged the protest on Feb. 27, which was ultimately attended by several dozen counter-protesters.

Within an hour of Klan members arriving, a fight broke out. It reportedly began after several KKK members in black robes with Confederate flag patches exited an SUV, according to Los Angeles Times.

One protester eventually collapsed to the ground with stab wounds.

Cal State San Bernadino's Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism director Brian Levin said he saw several protesters attack KKK members with two-by-fours.

"There was one guy that got kicked in the face," witness Tyler Matias-Lopez said, reported NBC News. "But there was around 10 people that just started hitting the guy."

Anaheim police wrote in a Facebook post that the Klan passed out literature to those in the area during the rally — something that was protected by their First Amendment rights.

"It is not uncommon for these groups to place their literature in yards and driveways in the surrounding area prior to or immediately following their gathering," the post read. "This dissemination of literature is not illegal."

Levin criticized the lack of police presence during the brawl, reported Los Angeles Times.

"There were no police officers here when this started happening," he said. "It was the longest few minutes between when the SUV was attacked and when the police responded in droves."

Levin added that he believes that police response saved the Klan members' lives.

"They would have been torn limb from limb," he said.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, NBC News / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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