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4 Pit Bulls Viciously Maul Man on Street in Melbourne (Graphic Video)

Horrified witnesses tried to save a 52-year-old man from a savage attack by four very muscular and aggressive Pit Bulls, described as American Staffordshire terriers, at about 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday. According to The Australian, the disturbing attack, which shows the man trying to defend himself and then sinking to the ground under the assault by the dogs, was partially captured on the cell phone of a passing motorist.

The victim, Mr. Tat, walked down Drummond St. in Carlton to move his car when the dogs attacked him from behind and surrounded him, inflicting many bite wounds in a frenzied 15-minute attack, reports the Herald Sun. The victim’s son, Vi, said he heard his father screaming from their apartment on the 15th floor.

The motorist who used his cell phone to capture the chilling scene yelled for Mr. Tat to try to get to his car and get in, but it was too late for the victim to escape from the unrelenting dogs as they shredded his clothing and pulled him to the ground.

Witness Julie Smith saw the dogs corner the man against a fence, where he cowered, screaming for help. "The dogs were mauling him. He was cut all over his hands; he was in shock," she said.

A security guard from a nearby multiple-housing project tried to distract the dogs with a stick, she said, while a driver sounded his car's horn repeatedly.

She said the screaming victim was bleeding heavily and was so weakened that it took two people to hold him up, after the guard and witnesses finally got the dogs away from him. "I was screaming for someone to get a blanket because he was in shock," Ms Smith said.

"I kept saying to him, 'Everything will be all right,’ she said."When the ambulance took him, his clothes were ripped to shreds."

The victim has deep bite wounds to his back, legs and stomach and injuries to his hands and arms. He has undergone surgery and is recovering, but doctors at the Royal Melbourne Hospital warn he has suffered nerve damage and may lose feeling in his right arm, according to the Herald Sun.

Witnesses say that just before the incident, a woman was walking by with one of the dogs, which broke loose and started attacking the victim. It is uncertain how the other dogs became involved. Two men reportedly came and got between the victim and the dogs and led the Pit Bulls away afterwards.

"My father is very big and tall. Imagine if it was a child the dogs went for." Vi said his father fears the dogs could attack again.

None of the Pit Bulls have been located or captured, according to the City of Melbourne spokesperson. "Police arrested two men over the incident, but both were released without charges, pending further investigation.

Source: The Australian, Herald Sun


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