4 Pit Bulls Savagely Rip Up Minivan Trying to Attack Kitten Under Hood

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Four determined Pit Bulls destroyed much of a Dodge Minivan when a kitten managed to runinside it to escape being chased by the Pit Bull pack in Banning, CA.The kitten is a 7-week-old stray now named Fender Lynx.She will be available for adoption at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter on Saturday, August 25, 2012, according to theDaily Mail.

The four Pit Bulls belonged to the owner of the minivan.He was bewildered as to why his dogs had destroyed the bumper, torn the front fender almost off, and flattened one of the tires by punctures from their teeth in the savage attack on the vehicle. 

The destruction shown in the photos of the van is shocking.It is alsographic evidence of sheer, driven powerthese animals can exert when they have targeted a victim.

The terrifying experience ended for the tiny gray-tabby kitten when the owner changed the tire and drove the minivan 25 miles to work in Palm Springs, unaware the kitten had taken refuge near the engine.The kitten survived the journey by moving into a hollow area in the bumper, where it was found by the driver, who refused to be identified.It took 40 minutes to remove the mutilated fender to get the kitten out,according to theDesert Sun newspaper.

Fortunately for Fender Lynx, an animal control officer kindly removed the tiny, scared feline and took her to the safety of the shelter.The veterinarian who examined her said she is in surprisingly good health and condition.She is hoping for a wonderful, loving home —one with no dogs!


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