4 Pit Bulls Savagely Maul and Kill Man in Fresno, California


A woman made a gruesome discovery when she  drove into her driveway in the 12000 block of South Highland Avenue, near Selma, California, on Tuesday night. She found the bloody body of a dead man who is believed to possibly be her neighbor.The victim, described as an adult Hispanic, was so badly disfigured that the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office has not yet been able to positively identify him.

Deputy Chris Curtice, Sheriff’s office spokesperson, said that they got a 911 call from the woman at 7:10 p.m. and The caller said the man had suffered “traumatic injuries.” Officers responded to the scene on Highland, between Saginaw and Mountain View Avenues southwest of Selma. The woman said she had immediately run to the house next door where she believed relatives of the victim live.

From the pawprints all around the body and other evidence obvious from the injuries, Sheriff’s detectives quickly determined that the man had suffered a vicious attack by dogs, reports theHandford Sentinel.

Neighbors reported that they had seen four Pit Bulls in the area earlier and detectives tracked the dogs to a nearby residence, where they found four Pit Bulls with blood on them.The dogs were identified as those that had been seen loose.

The Pit Bulls were captured by Animal Control Officers and taken to Liberty Animal Control Shelter in Fresno.

The district attorney’s office is conducting an investigation to determine whether charges will be filed against the dogs’ owner, reports KCBS News.




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