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4 Pit Bulls Maul Seattle Intruder

SEATTLE --- Whether he accidentally climbed over the wrong ten-foot fence or was intending to burglarize the residence, a prowler in Seattle learned too late to the benefits of planning ahead. On December 13, the unidentified 2l-year-old man climbed over a ten-foot fence at a home in Seattle at about 9:00 p.m. and dropped into a yard containing four pit bulls, according to the Seattle Times.

The dogs attacked and mauled the intruder so badly that he could not walk, so the owner loaded him onto a pallet and used a hand truck to wheel him to the street, where he flagged down a passing vehicle and asked the driver to call 911.

The dog owner told police he heard the commotion and called the pit bulls off and placed them in their kennel.

An earlier KIRO-TV report stated that a neighbor said the man had his pants down when he climbed the fence, but that was not confirmed by authorities. The attack occurred in a neighborhood behind a Jack-In-The-Box on South Director Street and Rainier Avenue, police said.

The suspect was taken to Harborview Medical Center with multiple puncture wounds and extensive injuries to his head, arm, neck and ear, according to a Seattle Fire Department official, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

The pit bulls were allowed to stay with the owner, who provided licensing and veterinary records.

Seattle Animal Control will investigate the incident and determine whether the dogs have any previous history of biting and that rabies shots are all current, the Times reports.

Sgt. Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department said, “The person had no business being there and this was their dog run, so to speak,” Whitcomb said. “The dogs were blameless, they were merely protecting their area. We’re going to be requesting charges of criminal trespass on this person. It’s a misdemeanor level offense.”



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