4 Pit Bulls Attack Florida Woman, Maria Sanchez, on Bike; Good Samaritans Beat Them Off with Bats (VIDEO)

A pack of four Pit Bulls pulled Marcia Sanchez, 67, from her bicycle as she enjoyed a leisurely ride through the peaceful Cutler Bay community, just south of Miami, on Saturday afternoon. Within seconds she found herself fighting for her life after she saw four Pit Bulls coming toward her.

She said the saw the dogs run out from one of the houses, and made eye contact with one of them for a few seconds. They charged directly toward her bicycle, she said, “[One] bit me on the arm when he pushed me backward and I landed on the ground. He came and bit me on the face," Sanchez told NBC News.

But four neighbors who heard her cries didn’t hesitate or worry about their own safety.

The Good Samaritans leapt into the fray without fear to save her. One tried to get the Pit Bulls to come after him and quit the attack on Maria. Three others used bats to get the dogs away, reports the NY Daily News.

"They were eating this lady up, you know, whether I could get them to chase me or run behind me; anything to get them away from her," John Green told WTVJ.

Maria survived the terrifying attack. From her hospital bed, she told WTVJ, "I knew they were gonna kill me the minute I saw them." Sanchez said she was helpless to fight off the powerful animals as she lay on the ground screaming..

She told reporters if it were not for her four 'angels,’ she would have been killed on the spot by the dogs "They literally saved my life. They didn't care about themselves. They cared about me,” Maria said.

The victim was rushed to Kendall Hospital with chunks of flesh missing from her lip, nose and feet. On Tuesday, she underwent surgery but her doctors say they may have to amputate one of her chewed-up toes, reports NJ Newsday.

'It’s better to live with the scars…at least I’m alive,” she said. Thank God for that.’

The Pit Bull that was identified as biting her has been humanely euthanized. The other three will be adopted into homes outside the county.

Police officers who responded to the scene determined that the four dogs escaped from a house near the attack and that they belonged to Angel Gonzales and Veronica Sanders.

Police found several marijuana plants being grown in the residence. The smell of marijuana at the scene led police to the home where the Pit Bulls were kept, according to an arrest report.

Angel Gonzalez and Veronica Sanders were arrested on drug charges. The couple also received a citation for keeping pit bulls in violation of a Miami-Dade County ordinance and for allowing the Pit Bulls to run loose and attack Maria Sanchez.

Sources: NY Daily News, NJ Newsday


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