4 Pit Bulls Attack Child’s Pony Twice, Killing it and Pet Goat; Father Shoots 1 Dog

A little boy and his family in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are mourning the savage killing of the gentle black and white Welsh pony that was a gift to their son on his fourth birthday. The mother, Jessica Victor’s held back tears during an interview with KOB-4 News, as she describes how a neighbor’s Pit Bulls crossed two invisible fences and dug their way into a pen where the horse was kept, and they also killed the friendly goat that was the pony's inseparable companion.

Now, all that is left of both animals is a trail of blood leading from where they died. "I feel horrible," said Jessica Victor. "I'm so sad this morning, such a terrible thing to happen to wake up in the middle of the night to find out it's happened to your animals." Victor could hardly look over at the pen where the two animal pals hung out and played together.

Adding to the family’s grief is the fact that this is the second time the Pit Bulls had attacked the pony. Last week the helpless animal had suffered serious injuries when the same dogs broke into the pen, so the enclsoure had been repaired and strengthened for additional protection.

The Pit Bulls first crossed two invisible fences last weekend and killed the goat, Jessica told KOB News. Then the determined dogs came back in the middle of the night on Friday and managed to again squeeze under the securely fenced-in pen.

"[The dogs] almost killed the pony last week. The pony's been on pain killers and antibiotics and then they came back early this morning and finished it," she said sadly.

When Manolo and Jessica Victor were awakened by the chilling sounds of the second attack during Friday night, Manolo rushed out and made the gruesome discovery of the horribly mauled pony. He admits to shooting and killing one of the Pit Bulls.

Jessica Victor watched with relief when Santa Fe Animal Control drove up to her neighbor's house Saturday morning and removed the two Pit Bulls, which were not surrendered by the owner. Officers are also searching for the third dog.

The Victors claim the neighbor used his Pit Bulls as “guard dogs” and questioned why the dogs weren't removed after the first attack.

"Animal Control said we needed a court order in order to take the dogs away," said Victor.

Santa Fe Animal Control explained to reporters that an ordinance restricts what they are able to do in these kinds of attacks; however, the second attack made the dogs a public safety threat. They say that the Pit bulls’ owner was cited in the first attack and now faces more citations. A judge will decide the fate of the dogs now.

Jessica Victor told KOB News that with so many of their children running around in the area, she is grateful the Pit Bulls are gone.

"If we do that before any children are hurt or attacked then my poor pony and our goat had a reason in their sacrifice," she said.

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Source: KOB


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