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4 Cops Shot In 24 Hours In 4 Cities

Four police officers were shot in separate incidents on Nov. 20.

What did the shootings have in common? Authorities allege that at least two of the shootings were targeted attacks, reports CBS News.

San Antonio detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, was writing out a traffic ticket to a motorist when he was shot to death by the driver of another car that pulled up from behind, according to authorities.

Marconi was a 20-year veteran of the force, San Antonio police Chief William McManus said, alleging that “police are being targeted across the country.”

Detective Marconi was described as “a great guy” by Mike Helle, president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association. “People loved him, and certainly, he had an aura about him. You had to go out of your way to not like him. So he’s that good of a guy.”

The suspect, who is still at large, is believed to have no connection to the motorist who was receiving the citation.

In St. Louis, an unnamed police sergeant was shot in the face by a suspect who was later killed in a shootout with police, reports KMOV. Police Chief Sam Dotson referred to the shooting of the 46-year-old officer an “ambush.”  

“Fortunately for the blessing of God the officer’s going to survive,” Dotson said during a brief news conference after the shooting. He did not name the officer, saying only that he is a father of three and is a 20-year veteran of the department.

As Dotson explained, “[t]his officer was driving down the road and was ambushed by an individual who pointed a gun at him from inside of his car and shot out the police officer’s window.”

The suspect fled on foot when another police car arrived, and was killed in the ensuing shootout. He was wanted for violent crimes, according to police.

In Gladstone, Missouri, an officer was shot while attempting to issue a traffic citation. A passenger ran from the vehicle, and was fatally shot when officers attempted to take him into custody after catching him on foot. The officer who was shot in the altercation suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The fourth shooting incident occurred in Sanibel, Florida, where a police officer was shot in the shoulder during a traffic stop. He was treated for his injuries and released.

Sources: CBS News, KMOV / Photo Credit: San Antonio Police Department

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