Four Burglars Try To Break Into Police Officer's Home

Four burglars in California allegedly tried to rob the house of an off-duty police officer March 15.

The 29-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department shot two of the four, who were ages fifteen to seventeen,  ABC News reports.

"As the homeowner stood near the window, he saw one of the suspects reach for his waistband and turn toward him.  Fearing the suspect had armed himself and was going to seriously hurt or kill the homeowner, an officer-involved shooting subsequently occurred,"  said the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, KTLA reports.

After being shot in the leg, one of the suspects collapsed on the police officer’s driveway and immediately received help from a neighbor.

"All I saw [was] the gun drawn on top of the guy. He called for help, and I went over and helped him out," explained Dr. William Loskta.

The police officer also helped treat the suspect he shot.

At least two of the suspects are now in the hospital. One is in critical condition, while the one Loskta helped is hospitalized but in stable condition.

It is not yet known what the alleged burglars have taken from the home.

The case is one of many unusual burglaries that have captured national attention.

In January 2016, alleged burglar James Smith Jr., 30, tried to rob a store in Maryland that had a police officer inside, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The man pulled out his gun but the officer quickly confiscated the weapon and placed Smith under arrest.

It’s assumed the robber thought he could get away with the crime given the rough weather conditions at the time, but the police were a few steps ahead of him.

"The crime fight always goes on regardless of the weather," Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said. "We were able to adjust some of our crime fighting strategies as it pertains to our commercial establishments."

"The police officers are out here working very hard, working very diligently on behalf of our city," Davis added.

Sources: ABC News, KTLABaltimore Sun / Photo credit: KTLA

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