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3rd Pit Bull Attack in Southern Calif. In 2 Days Kills Pug, Suki, in San Diego

On Friday afternoon, Maria McKay of Valencia Park notified local San Diego Station 10News that two Pit Bulls belonging to a neighbor attacked and killed her daughter's little pug, Suki, at about 11 a.m. that morning. She said the attack occurred in front of a house where Deborah Kirby runs a daycare and also just across the street from an elementary school. (Valencia Park is a community in the southeast area of the city of San Diego.)

Kirby confirmed that her own children were almost attacked by the same Pit Bulls about two months ago while they were walking home. She said she screamed and told the kids to run.

Another neighbor, Nancy Marquez, told 10News that she lives only a couple of doors away from the pit bulls and they killed her Chihuahua several years ago in her own backyard. Marquez’ father, Cipriano Marquez, said the owners of the Pit Bulls had never even apologized.

Lieutenant Dan DeSouza of San Diego County Department of Animal Services told 10News later that both pit bulls have been impounded four times while running loose and each time they were returned to the owners.

The 10News team went to the home and tried to talk to the couple who owns the Pit Bulls, who said their dogs were locked up all day in their backyard on Friday. However, a neighbor told a different story.

"They were standing on the corner, literally, on the corner this morning," the neighbor said. When she was advised by 10News reporter Preston Phillips that the owners claim the dogs never went out in the morning, she retorted, "No, that's not true. At 11:20 this morning, I saw them when I was on my way to work.

DeSouza said, "…A dangerous dog is a dog that has attacked or bitten people and I don't think there has been any allegations of that with these dogs."

Yaritza Cruz, the pug's owner, said, "Something needs to be done. The owners need to be held responsible." Residents told News10 they are afraid a child will be attacked next.

An update on the News10 report on Sunday, May 12, stated that both Pit Bulls had been euthanized by San Diego Animal Services. According to Lt. DeSouza, the County of San Diego Animal Services located records that confirmed that these two Pit Bulls killed another neighborhood dog in 2009.

Lieutenant DeSouza told News10 that the owners of the pit bulls are now facing criminal charges, despite the fact that the dogs were euthanized.

“[The owners] have civil responsibilities for the damage [the dogs] did,” said De Souza. He stated that the owners of the Pit Bulls are now facing four misdemeanor charges, including leash law violations, and up to a $1,000 fine.


This attack occurred one day after 63-year-old Pamela Marie Devitt was killed by four Pit Bulls while jogging near her home in Littlerock, California, in Los Angeles County.

On Friday, also a neighbor's Pit Bull ripped off the ear of a 15-year-old girl, Alex Cueva, as she tried to save her Shi Tzu, Coco, during an attack while she was walking her dog in Corona, California.

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Source: 10 News


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