3rd North Carolina Pit Bull Attack in Sept. Leaves 10-Month-Old James Hudson Dead

Sadly, North Carolina has reported three serious Pit Bull attacks in the last two weeks. The latest is the death of 10-month-old James Hudson--killed by the family's Pit Bull-mix, Cooper, on September 11. The dog was rescued from the streets by the baby's grandparents two years ago.

Police said they received a call on Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. that a baby was not breathing as the result of a dog attack at109 West Railroad Streetin Hertford.Police Chief Doug Freeman later confirmed that the dog had bitten the child all over his body, and 10-month-old James Hudson died at the hospital on Tuesday evening.

Kent Bowser, James' grandfather, admitted that Cooper had once attacked someone else, but said the dog “had always been gentle with the baby.” The family is still trying to piece together the event and understand why Copper attacked this time, Bowser told WAVY-TV.

The boy was staying at his grandparent’s home in Hertford, NC, on Tuesday.James’ grandmother was watching him play on a bed, according to theDaily Mail. But, suddenly the dog lunged for the child and began biting him. The attack occurred so quickly that the terrified woman was helpless to stop it.When she tried to pull the Pit Bull away from the child, the dog bit her also, according to the report.

Kent Bowser saidhe was outside doing yard work when he heard screaming and rushed into the house.By the time he reached the bedroom there was “blood everywhere,” he said."She was holding the dog, trying to restrain it but it kept trying to come after the boy," Bowser added.

They then applied bandages to try to stop the bleeding and attempted to tend to the wounds on his head. "We just grabbed the baby and brought him on the porch right here to try to revive him. That’s all we can do and pray to God the whole time we were doing it," Bowser told WVEC-TV.

Perquimans County emergency personnel arrived and administered CPRin an effort to save James,The Daily Advancereported.The toddler was rushed to Albermarle Hospital in Elizabeth City,where he died that evening.

Chief Freeman reported that the grandmother fainted in the yard of the home while emergency personnel were there and she was also taken to the hospital.

'He was a beautiful young boy. A very intelligent, happy, young boy,’ Bowser said about James."Love your children, love them every day and make sure you tell them that you love them every day," he told WVEC-TV.

Perquimans Sheriff Eric Tilley toldThe Daily Advancethat an animal control officer took the Pit Bull mix to the shelter.Although it was a family dog, the dog did not have a current rabies shot, so it will be in quarantine for 10 days to determine whether the grandmother will have to undergo treatment. The dog will then be put down. The owner signed a consent form for that action, according to the Perquiman’s County Sheriff's Office.

Hertford Police say the findings of the investigation will be turned over to the Perquimans County Dept. of Social Services and the District Attorney's office for possible further action.

.Kent Bowser advised parents to bemore cautious with pets and children around each other. He said in the emotional video below that he hopes other people will learn from their story. ‘If you have children and you have animals, make sure you totally understand the relationship you have with your animals and your pets,’ he warned. 



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