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3D Printed Rifle 'Grizzly 2.0' Successfully Fires 14 Shots (Video)

In July, a Canadian hobbyist, who identifies himself as “Matthew,” successfully fired a bullet from the first-ever 3D printed rifle, named the “The Grizzly” after Canadian Sherman Tanks of WWII.

The Grizzly fired a .22 round, but developed splits in the plastic along both sides of the metal barrel.

Matthew has now invented “Grizzly 2.0″ which includes a 50 percent larger barrel with a “rifled bore, a larger receiver and new hammer."

He also uploaded three new videos (below) of the Grizzly 2.0 in action, firing a combined 14 rounds.

With the original Grizzly, Matthew warily fired the rifle via string, but fired the new version with his hands.

“I was completely confident to hand fire and will be taking it out again with a friend with a new barrel this week,” he told in an email.

Matthew has previously claimed that his 3D printed rifle is legal in Canada: “I have a valid Possession & Acquisition License as required by Canadian gun laws to own firearms."

He plans to post the blueprints for his 3D rifle online, later this summer, for anyone to download.



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