Woman Learns Her Mother Was Murdered 38 Years Ago


A 42-year-old woman recently discovered her mother was raped and murdered 38 years ago.

Corinne McIntire never knew what happened to her mother after she disappeared when Corinne was 4 years old, KTLA reported.

She told the station she asked her grandmother about her mother after coming home from kindergarten one day.

“Every birthday wish, the only wish I ever wished was for her to come home,” McIntire told KTLA.

When she was 19, McIntire began gathering information on her mother but was unable to uncover the truth after several attempts.

She then got in contact with a group called The Doe Network, which helps people track lost loved ones. A case with the Los Angeles County Coroner was identified as a possibility, and McIntire and her sister provided their DNA to investigators.

Earlier in July, McIntire received a call with information about her mother, who had been known as Jane Doe 783UFCA in the coroner’s records.

“I just started to cry,” she told KTLA. “I’m in a restaurant and I just started to bawl.”

McIntire’s mother was raped and murdered in 1978. Authorities could not identify her body after it was dumped in the Hollywood Hills.

“I knew there couldn't be a happy ending, but at least it's an ending,” she added. “It's closure for me and my sister.”

“Knowing that she has her name returned to her ... to me, was an honor,” she added.

Many more people across the country share McIntire’s experience. Reveal recently reported on a project by photographer Arne Svenson, who traveled to morgues and sheriff’s departments to produce portraits of the forensic reconstructions of the unidentified dead. His aim was to help uncover some of the mysteries behind these people.

The National Missing and Unidentified Person’s System is a database containing information on all of the unidentified dead people in the United States, and relatives can search it.

Sources: KTLA, Reveal / Photo credit: KTLA

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