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350-Pound Man Accused of Stealing Steaks From Walmart on Scooter

Rodney Fowler was arrested yesterday at a Walmart store in Spartanburg, South Carolina, for allegedly trying to steal five rib-eye steaks by stashing the meat on the seat of his motorized scooter.

According to the police report, “[Fowler] sat on the steaks and exited the store passing all points of sale, without attempting to pay for said merchandise.”

Fowler, who weighs 350 pounds and stands 5-foot-5, was flagged down by a Walmart loss-prevention officer and brought back into the store, noted The Smoking Gun.

He was charged with shoplifting; however, because of his size, Fowler had to be handcuffed with two pairs of cuffs, reports the New York Daily News.

After three hours in the Spartanburg County Jail, Fowler was released without bond.

No word if the steaks were re-shelved in the Walmart or thrown away.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, New York Daily News / Image Credit: Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office Media Handout


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