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Obituary Asks Loved Ones Not To Vote For Donald Trump

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An Alabama family mourning the loss of a loved one requested her friends and family not to vote for Donald Trump.

The family of 34-year-old Katherine Michelle Hinds, who passed away on April 29, added a request to dissuade people from voting for the presumptive Republican nominee.

Throughout the obituary, Hinds’ family was creative in expressing their admiration for the 34-year-old. In addition to writing about her talent for photography, and her ability to see "the beauty and majesty of things that some of us were oblivious to until we saw it captured by her lens," they mentioned various unorthodox aptitudes possessed by the "Blue, southern girl from a Red, southern state."

"Katie was also a talented animal whisperer, wrecker of cars, and a gifted Scrabble player," read part of the obituary, which was published in the Opelika-Auburn News on May 13.

"She was a master of losing keys, cell phones, cars, and retainers when she had braces […] She had a quick wit and was gifted in the use of sarcasm. A policeman once asked her how her car ended up in Cary Creek. She replied, ‘Isn't it obvious?'"

Hinds’ family also detailed the various things Hinds did and did not like, in a similarly unconventional way.  

"She hated seeing people in poverty, the mistreatment of animals, the color pink, hot, humid summers, and poor grammar," the obituary read. "Katie loved nature, the mountains, Doc Martens (those dark, cherry red ones), Gold Hill, movies, Calvin and Hobbes, quirky TV shows, octopi, writing, and music, especially The Beatles, Prince, and Tom Waits."

The family ended the obituary with a request in line with Hinds’ political view.

"In lieu of flowers, do not vote for Donald Trump," the obituary requested.

Susan Pool, Hinds' mother, said her daughter was not a fan of the billionaire real estate mogul and feared for the life of her three children, Jude, Max and Charlie, were he to be elected, WVTM reported. Although she never discussed the possibility of including such a request with Hinds, Pool said her daughter would have approved the message.

If mourners would like to make a donation in Hinds’ name, the obituary suggests giving to the Chattahoochee Valley Humane Society in Alabama. 

Sources: Opelika-Auburn News, WVTM / Photo Credit: Facebook via New York Daily News

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