330-Pound Serial Rapist Who Crushed Victims Under His Weight Sentenced To 12 Years


A morbidly obese Australian rapist was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he was convicted of repeatedly forcing two women to have sex with him.

Noureldin Derwish, 27, boasted that he had connections to Osama bin Laden and the Egyptian mafia. He threatened to use these connectios to hurt his victims and their families if they did not agree to meet with him.

Both of his victims complained of being crushed under Derwish’s weight.

A County Court found Derwish guilty of 13 counts of rape, two charges of false imprisonment, and three counts of making threats to kill.

Derwish told his 17-year-old victim that the Egyptian mafia would come after her. He handcuffed the girl to a bed and raped her repeatedly for seven hours.

He told a 23-year-old woman that he would offer her a job at a made-up company, if she had sex with him. When she refused, he told her he was an international cocaine kingpin and would kill her whole family in front of her. He also told her that his cousin was looking for a sex slave and that he would offer up the victim’s sister if she didn’t comply.

He repeatedly forced her to have unprotected sex and video-taped it.

Judge Gabriele Cannon called Derwish “significantly mentally impaired,” but said the planning behind the attacks were evidence of “a significant level of understanding of its seriousness."

Derwish will be eligible for parole in eight years.

Sources: New York Daily News, Herald Sun


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