Maid On Trial After Getting Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy


An Indonesian housemaid is currently on trial after getting pregnant by a 13-year-old boy.

The woman reportedly had sex with her boss’s 13-year-old son. Initially, she claimed that he raped her, but after a lengthy investigation, it was determined that she actually had a relationship with him and that he didn’t fully comprehend what he was doing.

“The boy wasn’t aware of his actions,” said a source to the Daily Tribune. “He was examined by medical specialists who confirmed he was only a victim to a sexual predator. She initially pointed her finger at the boy, claiming that he raped her. But then investigations concluded that the boy was only a victim.”

The boy’s lawyer Ebtasim Al Sabbagh said that the family wasn’t aware that anything was going on between the two until the 32-year-old maid actually gave birth. The woman wound up giving birth right before she was about to board a plane to go back to her home country.

“One Friday, when friends visited and gathered in the family’s house, other families’ servants were shocked to see the woman with a baby in her lap inside the toilet,” said Al Sabbagh. “They notified the sponsors, who immediately took her to the hospital.”

Test results confirmed that the 13-year-old boy is the biological father of the child.

Sources: Emirates 24/7 News, Daily Tribune News


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