30,000 Monkeys Take Over City, Attack Citizens


The movie "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" continues to hold the top box office position in the U.S., but over in New Delhi, India, thousands of monkeys have actually taken over the city.

The city has been overwhelmed by 30,000 rhesus monkeys, who are terrorizing and robbing people of "food, alcohol, glasses, medical equipment, and clothes," notes GlobalPost.com.

The rhesus monkeys are scared of large langur monkeys, but it's illegal to own a langur because they are a protected species per India’s Wildlife Protection Act.

Anyone who owns, trades or rents a langur can go to jail for up to three years.

Per that law, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has cancelled its deals with langur owners who were paid $165 per month to patrol the city.

Instead, people in new Delhi must now worry about being bitten by rhesus monkeys, which usually carry tuberculosis.

In 2007, New Delhi’s deputy mayor died after being attacked by monkeys.

While local law enforcement will claim that using langurs is illegal, they have been known to sneak them in their cars to protect Indian politicians.

India’s Central Zoo Authority is working with the National Primate Center in California to use oral contraceptives, female sterilization and vasectomies on the monkeys.

Monkeys would be caught and sterilized, while oral contraceptives would be put in their food.

"The population is increasing in the cities, they are causing a disturbance. People can't come out of their houses, they're taking clothes, biting people," Professor P.C. Tyagi, of the Wildlife Institute of India, told The Telegraph.

"One of the main advantages [of oral contraception] is that it is non-surgical. We'll look at how it works in other countries, carry out a trial, then we'll go ahead. If there are problems with the dosage, we'd need to work that out," added Tyagi.

Sources: The Telegraph and GlobalPost.com (Image Credit: Mikhail Esteves)


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