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300 Teens Overrun Brooklyn Mall After Facebook Post Calls For Flash Mob (Video)

A Facebook post calling for teens to put Kings Plaza Mall “on tilt” led to a mob of 300 teens fighting and running wild throughout the Brooklyn shopping center on Thursday.

Around 6 p.m. teens were running through the mall, banging on glass store windows, cursing and screaming at people, mall employee Rickie Liu told CNN.

A group of teens picked up a glass container of candy at a kiosk and shattered it on the floor.

"They tried to scare us," Joli Chen, a worker at a beauty supply store, told CNN. "They were cursing at us. The police tried to keep them moving but there were so many. And there are so many entrances, they kept coming back in."

Many stores were forced to shut down as a result.

“It was scary,” mall worker Abu Taleb told the Daily News. “Everybody was scared. There were a lot of people, a lot of kids. It was very loud. Security tried to stop them, but they could not do it.”

When police confronted the teens, scuffles broke out. NYPD says it eventually escorted about 300 teens out of the mall.

The “coordinate chaos” lasted about two hours, Lui said.

NYPD assigned extra officers to patrol the mall on Friday. All unaccompanied minors were turned away at the door.

“It’s ridiculous,” said minor John Eduard, “because I’m trying to buy some stuff, late Christmas gift. I can’t get in.”

The NYPD denied that the incident was a riot, that there were any serious injuries, or that any major damage was done. No arrests were made or complaints filed about damage or assaults.

"Things are back to normal with more police around," Chen said Saturday. "But the other day was crazy. Black Friday was normal compared to that. They were making trouble."

Sources: CNN, New York Daily News


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