300 Teens Break Into NFL Player's Home, Brag About Vandalism Online (Video)


About three hundred teenagers allegedly broke into a vacant home of former New England Patriot Brian Holloway, threw a party, stole items and trashed the house on Aug 31.

Police eventually broke up the "party," but found walls spray painted, windows broken, floors littered with beer kegs and carpets soaked with urine inside the Stephentown, N.Y. home (video below).

Holloway was in Florida when he learned of the break-in from his son who heard about the party on Twitter and Instagram, where the teens documented their vandalism in detail with text and pictures.

Among the items stolen was a granite statue of an eagle, which was going to be a headstone for Holloway’s late grandson Dyanni, who was stillborn. The person who allegedly stole it actually photographed herself doing so and posted it online.

The five-time all-pro football player collected the tweets and pictures from the party, and posted them on his new web site HelpMeSave300.com, where Holloway wants the public's help in identifying the alleged teen perpetrators, but also wants to turn their lives around.

However, some of the parents of those teens told 10 News that they are considering legal action against Holloway for posting the images and texts from Instagram and Twitter, which the teens themselves posted publicly.

Sources: HelpMeSave300.com and 10 News


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