300-Pound Probation Officer Shoots 12-Pound Dog, Says He Feared for His Life (Video)


Probation Officer Antoine Jones, who weighs nearly 300 pounds, shot and killed a Jack Russell terrier, weighing in at 12 pounds, on Monday outside an Albany, Ga. home.

According to the dog's owner Cherrie Shelton, Officer Jones had stopped by her house to check on her son. That's when Shelton's 2-year-old dog, "Patches," ran outside and began barking.

Standing at the top of the steps to her home, Shelton told Jones that the small dog would not bite, but the probation officer pulled his gun, fired and killed the helpless pooch, noted RawStory.com.

“I thought maybe, you know, a little dog like that, you could stomp your feet or you could kick him out of the way or something,” Shelton told Fox 31. “But he just shot him.”

After asking Officer Jones why he killed the tiny dog, Shelton says that he told her that he feared for his life.

According to the police report filed by a second officer at the scene, "[Jones] stated that he gave the dog verbal commands to get back but the dog continued to come towards him in an aggressive manner so he fired one shot at the dog using his duty weapon."

Apparently, the dog was expected to understand the English language, but did not, which gave Officer Jones reason to kill the canine.

The Georgia Department of Corrections defended Officer Jones in a statement released today:

On Oct. 7th, two Albany Probation Officers were conducting a field visit. During this time, an Albany Probation Officer was involved in an incident that required him to use use of force against an aggressive canine during a field visit. An incident report was filed and it was determined that the Probation Officer responded appropriately.

Sources: Fox 31 and RawStory.com


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