Police Discover What Happened To Missing Woman


A Pennsylvania man was arrested on homicide charges after DNA tests revealed that bones found buried in his yard matched a female co-worker who went missing three years earlier. 

Michael Horvath was arrested after a lengthy investigation revealed that he reportedly killed 41-year-old Holly Grim, who went missing in November of 2013.

When police searched 49-year-old Horvath’s home, they found stun guns, notes that alluded to stalking and a number of DVDs related to “hunting humans,” sexual deviance and murder. The bones were found buried on Horvath’s property and ultimately determined to be pieces of Grim’s ribs.

“I know this is not the result [Grim's mother] was hoping for,” Lt. Joseph Sokolofski said during a press conference, The Express‑Times reported. “However, I hope she finds some solace in the relief from the daily anguish that I'm sure she suffered from the unknown, and she can grieve properly."

Grim was last seen on Nov. 22, 2013, and Horvath left his job at their employer four months after her disappearance. He’d worked for the company 21 years. Horvath had been a person of interest since the beginning, initially telling police that he was late for work the day of her disappearance because of a flat tire. In 2014, he was interviewed again and subjected to a DNA test. The test showed him as a match for a bloodstain found outside Grim’s home. He then claimed he’d been there to help her get a washer and dryer inside. 

Horvath’s wife at the time of the murder was reportedly suspicious that he was cheating on her and provided police with cell phone records. There was, however, no indication that Grim and Horvath had a relationship outside of work. 

Horvath was arrested on Oct. 13th and charged with criminal homicide, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. He was jailed without bond.

Sources: Daily Mail, WCAU, The Express-Times / Photo credit: Monroe County District Attorney's Office via WCAU

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