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3-Year-Old Girl Gets a Huge Surprise

Bridget, 3, really wanted a bicycle. She expressed this to her mom on numerous occasions in the lead-up to her birthday, and she probably secretly figured that she would ultimately get it.

When her birthday finally arrived, Bridget’s mom led her little girl to huge green box. The whole thing was covered in wrapping paper, and it took Bridget a few moments to get it all off. Underneath the wrapping paper: a mini-fridge. Or at least a box that used to hold a mini-fridge.  

“What is it?” Bridget’s mom asks. “Are you sure it’s not a bike?”

Bridget continued to cautiously explore her gift, and that’s when she got the best surprise she ever could have asked for.

Check it out…

Joshua, Bridget's dad, had been deployed to Afghanistan four months earlier.

After everything settled down, Joshua offered some powerful words on the impact deployment has.

“We often use the term sacrifice when referring to members of the military, wanting to ‘thank a soldier for their sacrifice,’ he said. “I think we as a nation often forget about the spouses and children left behind to figure things out on their own.

“There, in my opinion, lies the real sacrifice.”

Sources: ABC, Stars and Stripes


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