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'Saw Her Hanging Off The Rails': 3-Year-Old Girl Dies In Fall At California Hotel

A trip to Disneyland ended in tragedy when one 3-year-old girl fell to her death at a hotel on Saturday.

The Las Vegas family had decided to take a trip to Disneyland and booked an Embassy Suites hotel in Anaheim, KTLA reported. While they were at the hotel, some of the family members were downstairs in the courtyard while the little girl’s mother took a shower.

That’s when the little girl, Stephanie Martinez, decided she wanted to join her family downstairs.

“Her mom came out to check up on her. She saw her hanging off the rails,” Eddie Fraire, Stephanie’s cousin, told Fox 5. “She screamed, so the little girl got scared and fell down from the fifth floor.”

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Fraire, Stephanie’s father and other family members witnessed the fall. Although they tried to catch her, they were unable to do so because the fall happened so fast.

“[Stephanie was usually] running around, dressing up, you know, simple things that a little girl would want to do,” Fraire said. “Unfortunately, she left us at an early age.”

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Stephanie’s parents hope to bring back the young girl’s remains from California and are asking for help to afford the expenses. Stephanie’s mother works as a housekeeper and her father works in construction.

GoFundMe account has since been set up for the family.

Sources: Fox News, KTLA

​Photo Credit: Fox News, KTLA Screenshot


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