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3-Year-Old Girl Left In Hot Car For Hours Dies On Father's Day

A 3-year-old girl was found dead after her family accidentally left her in the backseat of a sweltering car following a family outing in Pomona, California, on Father’s Day.

The Li family left their house Sunday morning to visit the grave of their grandfather, police said. They went to lunch and then got ice cream. When they returned to their home around 1 p.m., they were exhausted and took a nap.

When they woke up four hours later, they realized that their 3-year-old daughter, Kiara Li, was missing. They found her unconscious in the back of the vehicle, ABC7 reported.

Kiara was rushed to Pomona Valley Hospital, where she later died. Police suspect no foul play and said it appears to be a tragic accident.

Both parents told police they thought the other parent or one of their older children had gotten the child out of the car. The local temperature hit the mid-90s that day.

According to safety advocates, these types of incidents can occur when a family is out of their usual routine and are unusually busy or distracted.

"In almost every single case, there is a change in routine, the parents aren't getting enough sleep, they are stressed, they are fatigued, and they go on autopilot," safety advocate Amber Rollins told ABC7.

Federal records show that 44 children across the country died in 2013 after accidentally being left in a car, ABC7 reported.

An autopsy and additional information is still pending for Kiara.

Sources: ABC7, The Sun

Photo Credit: Screenshot from ABC7


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