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3-Year-Old Georgia Girls Calls 911, Saves Father From Bleeding To Death (Video)

Three months after being taught how to dial 911, three-year-old Elisha Powers saved her father’s life.

Shawn Powers, of Rockdale County, Ga., was home with his two young daughters last Thursday when he attempted to cut a tree in the backyard with a machete.

He accidentally sliced his right arm, severing an artery.

Bleeding severely, he managed to get to his front porch -- where his daughters Elisha and Elaina were sitting.

He asked Elisha to do what Mommy and Daddy recently taught her.

She unlocked her father’s cell phone and called 911.

“I put it in daddy’s ear and then he talked to the police and then I was crying,” Elisha told 11 Alive. “And then I was really brave.”

Powers told the operator that he needed help right away and explained his two little girls were with him and were scared.

Minutes later emergency workers arrived and transported Powers to the hospital. Doctors have advised him not to work for six to eight months while the wound heals.

“She did great,” Power said of his daughter. “I mean, she was very calm the whole time. I could see her. She was tearing up and everything ... It’s like she knew there was something important that she had to do and she was going to do it.”

"I remember her saying, 'I don't want to lose my daddy, I don't want to lose my family,' it's like she knew this was a way that she could help me. So I was really, really proud of her,” he added.

Elisha turned four on Monday.

A fund has been set up to help the family with medical expenses. Powers recently started a new job and his benefits haven't kicked in yet.

Sources: 11 Alive, New York Daily News


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