3-Year-Old Dies ‘Horrible Death’ After Being Wrapped Tightly In Blanket


Three people have been arrested and charged with manslaughter following the death of a 3-year-old boy, who was reportedly wrapped tightly in a blanket as a method of discipline.

CNN reports that to punish Michael Lee McMullen, three caretakers would wrap him tightly in a blanket and tie the ends to constrain him. The child was wrapped up in that manner when he suffered a "horrible death," police said.

The boy was in the care of 45-year-old Donella Trainor, 21-year-old Douglas Garrigus and the child's grandmother, 56-year-old Gale Watkins, according to authorities. All three are charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child.

"There were six layers of cloth over this child. The loose ends would be folded over his head and feet and tied into a knot, all in an effort to prevent the child from moving," Lee County Sheriff's Lieutenant Larry King said, according to the Huffington Post. "You could use a mummy reference."

A sheriff’s report indicated that the boy screamed and pleaded to be released as Trainor wrapped him and put him in his crib for a nap on Saturday. The boy's grandmother, Watkins and Garrigus, the boy’s stepfather, reportedly checked on him at different times as he cried and struggled.

Trainor apparently told deputies that when the boy had stopped crying, she assumed that he had calmed down and was resting. It was later, when she went to wake him, that she found him "soaking wet" and unresponsive, the sheriff's office said.

Sources: Huffington Post, CNN


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