3 Year-Old Dies on Daycare Playground in Georgia


Tragic news has emerged from Georgia today. Only six months after it was deemed unsafe following a routine inspection, a child has strangled to death on the playground of a Georgia daycare called Ms. Janna's.

3 year-old Thomas Stephens is thought to have died of "asphyxia after accidentally hanging himself on a loop of twine while playing on a slide at Ms. Janna's Daycare in Alpharetta," states the New York Daily News.

According to the report, police officers rushed to the scene after being called by faculty of the daycare Monday morning around 10:00 am. They arrived at the daycare to find a woman frantically performing CPR on the toddler, but to no avail.

The boy fought for his life for two days before being pronounced dead at the hospital on Wednesday night.

Alpharetta Police spokesman George Gordon called the death of Thomas Stephens a "tragic accident." While there have not been charges pressed by the state, the daycare center has had its license revoked and is being ordered to close.

"Emergency closures are used by the agency when it's determined there has been a death of a child not medically anticipated," said Reg Griffin to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution. Griffin is the official for the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, the department responsible for closing Ms. Janna's daycare this week.

This tragedy comes six months after the state found the daycare's play area to be unsafe. Officials had discussed a plan of improvement with owner Janna Thompson, but no further actions were taken by either party, apparently.

Janna Thompson has until Monday afternoon at 2:00 pm to appeal the decision by the Department of Early Care and Learning, but the woman has taken no such action at this time.


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