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3-Year-Old Dies After Finding Loaded Gun And Accidentally Shooting Himself

A 3-year-old boy from Clinton, Michigan, was killed Sunday after finding a loaded .40-caliber gun in a closet and accidentally firing a single, fatal shot.

Jonathan Kaufman was alone in the house at the time, according to police reports, because his father and brother were outside.

Police were called to the home at 1:25 p.m., according to My Fox Detroit. But emergency services personnel were unable to save the boy’s life and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

No information was provided on the nature of the injuries suffered by Kaufman from the gunshot.

According to Daily Mail, Michigan State Police obtained statements on the incident from Kaufman’s parents and are carrying out an investigation. The county prosecutor’s office will receive a report on the matter.

This is not the first time a child has died after gaining access to a gun.

In 2013, 3-year-old Damon Holbrook, also a Michigan resident, died after finding a loaded gun in the closet at his family’s home in Dundee. A friend of Damon’s father had left it on the floor of the closet after returning from work, according to Daily Mail.

“I have nothing wrong with guns, I will still support the Second Amendment [sic],” wrote Brian Holbrook, Damon’s father, on Facebook after the incident.

“All I ask is that everyone please, please safety first... lock it up and put it out of reach of anyone that has no business being around a gun especially kids,” Holbrook emphasized.

“Gun safety people! My boy would still be here if it was put away like it should have been,” he added.

Sources: My Fox Detroit, Daily Mail/ Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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