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Woman and Boyfriend Charged with Murder After Her Daughter Dies from Injuries

Police believe that the three-year-old Wichita girl who died from her injuries on Wednesday night had endured weeks of abuse before her death.

Now, the girl’s mother, Monica Krueger, and Krueger’s boyfriend, Evan Schuessler, have both been charged with murdering three-year-old Emma Krueger.

Police report that Schuessler had been living with Krueger and her daughter for about three months.

Officials believe that the girl had been abused for about a month when Krueger called 911 on June 2 because her daughter had stopped breathing.

The girl was rushed to Wesley Medical Center. After examining her, doctors informed authorities that the child’s body was covered in bruises, and that she had swelling to her brain.

Emma died from her injuries on Wednesday night.

Krueger, 24, and Schuessler, 23, were arrested on child abuse charges.

As The Wichita Eagle reports, they have both now been charged with first-degree murder, and are each being held on $150,000 bond.

On Monday, Krueger and Schuessler appeared before a judge via video camera. They have been scheduled for preliminary hearings on June 24.

A prayer vigil was held for Emma outside of the hospital where she died.

Upon seeing the more than 40 people who attended the vigil, Emma’s cousin, Jacob Rufe, said, “It just shows how many good-hearted people are really out there and how many people really care.”

Sources: Daily Mail Online, The Wichita Eagle

Photo Source: Daily Mail Online


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