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3-Year-Old Boy Shoots Father in Butt with .22 Caliber Rifle

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A 36-year-old Arizona man was shot in the butt by his 3-year-old son on Monday while the man was target shooting just south of Green Valley.

"This incident illustrates the importance of using exceptional caution whenever children are allowed around guns," said Battalion Chief for the Green Valley Fire Distrct Tom Louis.

The boy shot his father with a .22-calliber rifle, according to Louis, at about 6:30 p.m. on Monday evening.

"Fortunately, the patient's injuries were not life-threatening," Louis said, and added that the child had not been injured either.

It is unclear how the boy obtained the gun, though the man said that bullets were lying next to the unloaded bolt action rifle.

The unidentified man drove himself and his son to the Canoa Road exit and Interstate 19 when he called 911. Firefighters, a Southwest Ambulance and deputies of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched.

The man was treated at the scene and taken to University of Arizona Medical Center.

“It can take only seconds for things to go very badly,” Louis said. “Thankfully this incident was relatively minor.”

Sources: Arizona Daily Star, News 4


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