3-Year-Old Boy Saves Elderly Man Who Was Locked In Hot Car (Video)


Every other day, there seems to be another story about a child locked in a hot car, and sometimes, a hero adult comes to save them. Well, just last week, an elderly man found himself locked in his car, and it was a fast-thinking three-year-old boy who came to his rescue.

68-year-old Bob King says he was waiting for his wife to come back from an event at Knoxville, Tennessee’s Vestal Baptist Church when he was suddenly trapped inside the couple’s car. King, who had been undergoing cancer treatment on top of recovering from a recent stroke, was too weak to push the car door open, and without a key, he was unable to turn the car on to get some air conditioning.

“We’ve been having trouble with the door on this car since we bought it,” said King to ABC News.

Suddenly, King noticed three-year-old Keith Williams walking past the car, and he began to knock furiously on the window to get his attention.

“I hollered at him and he just looked at me kind of funny and I said ‘Get help, get help,’” King said.

Reports say that just a few days prior to the incident, three-year-old Williams’ mom had talked to him about hot car safety, so when he saw King struggling, he knew he had to do something. The little boy tried to open the door himself but wasn’t strong enough, so he ran up to the church’s pastor and got his attention.

“I was talking to someone and little Keith came behind me and kept saying, ‘Locked, locked, locked,” said Pastor Jack Greene. Greene says that he didn’t think anything was wrong, but Williams kept pulling on his hand and started saying, “hot, hot.”

“I told the gentleman: ‘Excuse me for a minute’ and I followed him [Keith] out,” said Greene. “When I saw Bob in the car, I said to myself: “Oh my Lord.’ His whole body was raining sweat. His face was red like a pickled beet.”

Greene was able to get the door open after a few tries, and King was brought into the air-conditioned church to cool down.

“He [Keith] said: ‘I saved life’ after I brought Bob inside,” said Greene. “He is such a good kid. He is an inspiration and blessing to us.”

Now, little Keith Williams is being hailed a hero, and King says he is grateful that the toddler saved his life.

Sources: ABC News, Live 5 News, KTLA


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