3-Year-Old Boy Dies of Heat Stroke In South Carolina After Spending 30 Minutes in Car


A 3-year-old boy died Sunday morning from heat stroke in South Carolina after getting trapped in his mother’s car with his pet dog for about 30 minutes.

While his mother, Amber Bender, was asleep, Logan Cox snuck out of the family’s trailer and went into the car to play with his dog, a basset hound and pit bull mix, according to Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office officials.

When Bender woke up shortly after, she found Cox in the car with the windows rolled up. The toddler was in the front seat and his face was red, according to the Daily News.

The pet dog was dead at the time Bender found them in the car. As she used cold water to lower her son’s temperature, Logan’s grandmother called 911 dispatchers.

The toddler was rushed to a hospital, where he survived several days before his organs failed.

Though Bender and Logan’s grandmother have said the death was just an accident, the Department of Social Services has launched an investigation into it.

Source: NY Daily News


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