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3-Year-Old Accidentally Dings Neighbor's Car, Mom Later Receives Invoice In Mail And Is Left Stunned (Photos)

A mother was invoiced by her neighbors after her 3-year-old son accidentally dented their vehicle while opening a car door. But when it came time to state the total cost in damages, the neighbors had a surprise for the mom.

The woman took to Facebook to share a photo of the bill, Metro reported.

"My silly three-year-old accidentally hit a neighbour's [sic] car last week when opening his door,” she wrote. "We admitted it at the time and told the owner we'd pay for the repair. (Cheaper than going through insurance.)

"Chased him up today and got this invoice."

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The total cost in damages rounded up to nearly $2,900 and included “numerous cups of tea” and “numerous packets of biscuits while pondering repair.”

But at the end of the invoice, the neighbor wrote, “These things happen...” and deducted all costs.

"The only thing we ask is that you keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!" the neighbor concluded.

Sources: Metro UKHuffington Post UK

Photo Credit: Huffington Post UK


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