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Pit Bull Kills 3-Week-Old Girl

A 3-week-old baby was killed in a dog attack in Michigan.

Susannah Murray was attacked at around 6 p.m. on May 25 at a home in Grand Rapids, according to WOOD. Investigators said that a pit bull was near the infant at the scene, with blood on its mouth.

Susannah had reportedly been left alone in a glider for around five minutes, while the adults in the house were out on the home's porch. When one of the adults went to check on the baby, they saw that she had been attacked.

Police said that Susannah's mother, Michelle Murray, was at the home but was not the one who discovered the baby after the attack, Daily Mail reports.

Susannah was rushed to a nearby children's hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery. She passed away on May 26, and an autopsy showed injuries that appeared to be a dog bite.

The family's three pit bulls, Rhino, Devlin, and Mommas, were taken to be quarantined at a local animal shelter, according to USA Today. At least one other child lives at the home, and Child Protective Services are reported to be investigating.

No one has been charged with any crimes in the case yet, but police are expected to meet with prosecutors to decide whether criminal charges should be filed.

"This is a very, very tragic situation," said police Sgt. Terry Dixon. "This is a horrible tragedy and serves as a critical reminder to never leave a child unattended around a dog or dogs or cats. Always keep a watchful eye on vulnerable youth, and that's what makes this difficult to report on."

While Dixon stressed the importance of keeping an eye on babies and pit bulls, he added that any dog could be dangerous to a child.

"I don't think you, just the breed of a pit bull by itself is not enough to condemn it," he said. "Any dog can bite."

"When you have an infant or children who are unable to defend themselves, basically defenseless, an adult should always be in the company of a child especially a three-week-old," Dixon added.

Neighbors recalled the family's dogs as being unfriendly.

"They are so mean and vicious," said neighbor Akilah Gordon.

"I'd be scared, because when the dogs get out the fence, they used to chase us," added neighbor Hawa Abdi.

"For them to leave the child like that was not thinking at all," said another neighbor, Joe Daly.

An obituary was published for the baby girl, reading, "Our sweet baby Suzie, a mere three weeks old, joined the angels in heaven."

Sources: WOOD, Daily Mail, USA Today / Photo credit: Melissa Dooley/Flickr

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