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3 Thugs Attack Teen, Shocked When He Unleashes Nasty Surprise

3 Thugs Attack Teen, Shocked When He Unleashes Nasty Surprise Promo Image

A group of three teens decided to jump another teen, but were shocked when they realized one small detail they had initially overlooked. The incident was recorded on a cellphone (video below).

It is not exactly clear where the video was shot or why the group of teens decided to attack the other teen, but a number of onlookers all started filming when the fight got going.

When the three attackers started the fight, they failed to realize the other teen is a trained mixed martial arts fighter, according to Mad World News.

The video opens with the group of attackers surrounding the teen before he takes the fight to them, kicking one of the attackers in the face and leaving only two others to fight.

The crowd watching gets more and more rambunctious as the fight goes on.

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After one attacker is taken down, another steps forward to see if he can take out the MMA fighter, but has no such luck.

The MMA fighter, who keeps his feet moving and head swiveling to see where the next attack is coming from, is momentarily backed up against a wall and knocked to the ground by the second attacker. He quickly retakes the upper hand, though, wrapping his legs around the attacker's neck and appearing to put him in an arm bar as the crowd goes wild.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the video on the Mad World News Facebook page.

"And still after beating one and taking on another the mob helps the attacker wtf is wrong with these people just stand back f**king recording this and noone steps in and helps so sad to see that our youth is soo uneducated and hateful," one viewer commented.

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"As always these cowardly thugs travel and attack in a group against one person," another user wrote. "When this happens a larger group of kids should go back and teach the thugs a real lesson they will never forget!"

"And we ask ourselves what's wrong in this country!" another viewer added. "That's not your neighborhood boys fighting and walking off best buddies. This is jungle mentality this is how wild animals behave. The whole problem with this situation is these kids will reproduce and breed more ignorance."

A fourth viewer took a different angle: "Good story. We need more people who are able to defend themselves in this kind of scenario. Bullies need to be brought up short like this."

WARNING: This video contains strong language.

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